Healthy Homes in Chinese Urban Environments 


Key dates

15th  October 
 – First round of research and findings ready for presentation and discussion 
1st thoughts about concepts to be present GoodtoChina, IDEO

22nd October  – Final summary of research findings ready for distribution
 Second round of concept development for discussion

6th November (Saturday 10:00 – 13:00) @ Jiashan Market – 04 sustainable design workshop from Goodtoshanghai at community fair “Designing healthy lifestyles together” brought to you by Eco Design Fair, GoodtoSH and The Wellness Works. 


Week 1 -  Information Overload
Get informed, follow your curiosity and become a 5 minute expert on key issues (i.e. things you can learn from Google and Wikipedia). Conduct desk research with the objective of defining who you want to talk to and what you are going to talk to them about in Week 2.

Week 2 -  Reality Check .
 Get out and get inspired. Create an interview guide, conduct initial interviews and observations. (i.e. things you can't learn from Google or Wikipedia)

Week 3 -  Make a Mess. 
Download and story tell.  Share observations, inspirational interviews, and key quotes.

Week 4 -  Make Sense.  
Synthesize insights and opportunities.  Cluster insights, identify behavior types, create frameworks that help  (2x2, user journey, stakeholder mapping).  Create a summary of findings and generate 'How Might We' questions to use in brainstorming.

Week 5 -  Get Tangible.  
Brainstorm and ideate using your How Might We questions.  Make your ideas visual and shareable.